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Kontrol akses untuk
fasilitas olahraga & kebugaran

Temukan solusi berbasis cloud, tanpa sentuhan, dan mendukung ponsel cerdas untuk kontrol akses gym 24 jam.

Sistem Kontrol Akses Berbasis Cloud | Akses Seluler

Say hello to our latest solution - Visitor Management System! 

Keep your premises secure and your visitors organized with our cutting-edge technology.

Visitor self-registration

Visitors can register themselves in the visitor management system without the need for manual registration by a receptionist or security personnel.


This can be done through a self-registration kiosk or by using a web-based registration portal. The visitor can enter their details, such as name, contact information, purpose of visit, and any other required information. Once the registration is complete, the visitor can receive a visitor pass, which they can use to gain access to the premises.


Self-registration can be a convenient and efficient way to manage visitor traffic, as it saves time and resources while also ensuring a secure and organized process for visitors. It can also help to reduce the risk of errors or discrepancies in visitor information, as visitors can input their own details directly into the system.

Administrative Dashboard

Decide what information you want to collect from visitors. The Visitor Management dashboard makes it super easy to get everything up and running in a few minutes. Delegate access to the dashboard to as many other admins as needed on your team.

Visitor Logs: System administrators can track all visitor activity. For the first time ever, you will have access control and visitor management all in the same, easy-to-use interface to better regulate and monitor movement in and out of the workplace.


Traditional Visitor Management System

  • Manual sign-in process using a paper logbook

  • Time-consuming and prone to errors

  • Verification of visitor identity may be done by checking IDs or calling the host

  • Limited data collection and analysis

  • Lack of real-time monitoring and alerts

  • Limited or no support for mobile devices

Modern Visitor Management System

  • Digital check-in process using web-based or self-registration on-site

  • Faster check-in process and reduced wait times for visitors

  • Real-time notifications to the host when the visitor arrives

  • Integration with access control systems for enhanced security

  • Data collection and analysis for insights into visitor traffic and behavior

  • Mobile device support for on-the-go access and management

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